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Avail Different Products Like Fish Meal, Liquid Detergent, White Sugar, Basmati Rice, etc., Under The Same Roof.
About Us

Having a global presence is good for any business but maintaining the same is difficult as it requires dedication to always introduce quality best products and ability of meeting consumers needs. We at Agrosa Global Holdings Pty. Ltd. are maintaining our worldwide presence by bringing forth finest quality products and meeting buyers needs. 

We are known nationally and internationally as a quality focused manufacturer for our line of Agro Products, Edible Oil, Energy Drinks, Tea Leaves, Dried Fruits and other products. Since our beginning in the year 2006, by Mrs. Veronica Denise, we have been maintaining a large portfolio to suffice diverse buyers needs perfectly. We proudly own 80,500 m² beverage factory in which 30,000 m² of area is closed. It is located in Chiang Mai Village and operations in this factory are handled by experts. Apart from this, we also own 50,000 m² of facility (10,000 m² of closed area) for producing diverse products.

All our facilities are upgraded from time to time with latest technology machines. For packaging, we have a wide area installed with technologically advanced machines having capacity to fill 110,000 PET bottles, 210,000 glass bottles, and 36,000 aluminium cans.

Our Mission

Our aim is to maintain quality in our product line and innovate products for customers satisfaction. For the same, we are maintaining an organized R&D department, which strives to improve existing line of products and cares for adding new products. Our R&D experts taste-tests food items to ensure flavors match the needs and wants of target audience. They come with the most practical solutions and ensure customers are delighted in an excellent manner.

Quality Assurance

Our company remains quality conscious during all the stages of production, be it procurement, packaging or delivery. We have a specialized in-house laboratory for ensuring perfection in quality and undertaking regular improvisations to maintain high quality standards. It is because of our long term strategy of serving simply the best quality Agro Products, Tea Leaves, Energy Drinks, Edible Oil, etc., that we are continuously growing on the path of success.

Primary Competitive Advantages

  • Focused marketing and sales team
  • Reliable production and quality testing operations
  • On-time and safe delivery of products
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